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About the Spa

Sphynx Spa Suite is a PRIVATE spa suite that caters to one-on-one services.

This spa believes that the novelty of a huge salon has worn off, and society is moving on to support small, intimate salons with one-of-a-kind beauty services! Sphynx Spa Suite is YOUR luxury destination for all of your beauty needs.

Sphynx Spa Suite is different in that our goal is to take the time to EDUCATE all of our guests on the steps of their procedures and WHY they are effective. We want to EMPOWER our guests with knowledge on how to properly treat their skin so that they can ultimately reach spa-glow status on a daily basis!

Our services are completely customized. No cookie cutter facials here! Each one is different and unique to YOU, intended to help you relax and rejuvenate your unique skin. It doesn’t stop there- we also offer eye enhancements like lash lifting and brow/lash tinting, as well as many machine facials, and even intimate bleaching. We’re committed to upping our game and attend conferences and seminars to stay educated on the TOP Hollywood spa techniques. 

We hand-picked Skin Script products for our spa clients- they’re paraben free, manufactured in the USA and are NOT tested on animals. We’re proud of this brand and the results they give, and strive to use nothing but the best for our clients. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep an eye out on our social media for some BIG news about our big move! Coming soon...

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What makes our spa different?


Meet Lupe!

Lupe is my name, although I wear many hats, 

With nearly 12 years of Esthetician experience and as an Esthetician instructor, Guadalupe is a seasoned professional. She's owned her spa for nearly eight years, nurturing a loyal client base that has followed her. Her passion lies in making people feel empowered and beautiful in their own skin.


Guadalupe Loves to focus on her client's needs and goals which is why she stands by customizing all of her services. Guadalupe is not just an Esthetician; she's a certified Reiki practitioner, Manifestation coach, Intuitive Healer, and Channeler, she is also Quantum Healing Hypnosis intern. Her superpower is teaching individuals to shine their inner light, guiding them on a path to self-empowerment and self-love. In her Reiki sessions, she uses a variety of modalities during her healings which are customized using her intuition and downloads. Beyond beauty, Guadalupe has a deep connection with the spiritual realm, working with Angels, Crystals, Tarot, and Oracle cards. As an energy reader and teacher, she helps clients tap into their full potential for personal growth and self-discovery. With Guadalupe , you'll not only receive beauty and wellness services but also embark on a journey and connect towards body, mind and spirit.

I look forward to being of service to you!

Learn more about me in this Voyage Chicago article!


     Lupe Paramo

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