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               Body Contouring Packages

 All body contouring can be made in to package
  3-8  -10% off
  10-12 -15% off
All packages must be paid in full. If you need to reschedule please give us 24hr notice. No show for session you loss out on session. 

Vaccum Therapy Butt Enhancement -$135

Vaccum therapy -$120

Vaccum Breast Enhancement -$60

Vaccum Breast Enhancement with pure sculpt ice -$90

Add on Butt lift and bye bye bat arms for $35 each 

Wood Sculpt One Area 30 min -$155

PICK FROM -Upper Back  -Lower  -Back  -Stomach & Sides  -Inner and Outer Thighs

Wood Sculpt Multiple Areas  45 min-$195

-Upper Body Includes Back Sides and Stomach.

-Lower Body Includes Back legs Side legs and Inner Thigh

Full Body Wood Sculpt is $310

Full body Pure Sculpt Body Ice  $135

Fire and Ice Full Body pure sculpt body ice and wood sculpt multiply area-$350

1hr 15min wood sculpt on Multiple area choice of upper body or lower body

Upper Body: Back sides and stomach

Lower Body: Back legs, side legs, Inner thigh

Fire and Ice Full Body  is $445

Includes full body pure sculpt ice and wood Sculpt on Upper and Lower body


Small area (4-8 pads) $95 ($75 if done at the same time with facial)


Medium area (9-16 pads) $135 ($90 if done at the same time with facial)


Large area (17-32 pads) $195 (it is recommended as part of a series of treatments with adhesive pads)

Light Lipo -$90 per session 

Ultrasonic Cavitation -$110 per session

Radio Frequency -$110per session

M'lis Body Contour Wrap $200

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