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Elaine Brennan Peel

What is the Skin Renewal Peel? 


The Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peeling System is a timely and unique peeling treatment formulated for use in the professional clinic or doctor's office. All ingredients are approved by the FDA for use on the skin, and can be applied to selected areas of the body as well as the face, neck, and eyelids.

The System consists of a peeling formulation that has been carefully researched and developed. Layers of dead skin cells are exfoliated in a safe and controlled way and are replaced with skin that is more supple, elastic and firmer, with a smoother texture and stable moisture balance. 

The process is recommended as a treatment for ageing skin, especially the deep wrinkles of the upper lip. Our peeling works wonders for acne, pigmentation problems, blemishes, freckles and ageing skin. The effects of the process continue for up to a year after.

Most people initially require two to three Skin Renewal Peels to achieve the best result with this dramatically successful treatment. One annual maintenance peeling is recommended thereafter to maintain a fresh, smooth, glowing and problem free complexion. You will be guided and monitored through the peeling and the healing process by your skin care specialist.

The peel treats...


During exfoliation, basal cells multiply at a great rate, which results in the production of young cells. Peeling restores the structures of the aging epidermis to give you a more youthful appearance!


Acne happens when there’s an obstruction in the hair follicle and dead cells get trapped and dry out. This create a plug obstructing the draining of sebum. The Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel exfoliates and stimulates the skin, unplugging blocked pores and allowing the elimination of blackheads!


Pigmentation due to trauma is generally irregularly shaped and found where the trauma occurred, such as harsh dermabrasion, strong laster peelings or deep chemical peelings that have damaged underlying tissue.As you continue the Peels, you’ll find that the pigmentation will even out.


How will I look during the process?

Before you begin, we recommend you schedule during a time period of 5 days when you can “hide” as you shed unwanted skin.


For the first 3 days, the skin will be red.


After the 3rd day, the skin will take on a brownish tinge, kind of like a severe sunburn, and continue into the 5th day.


At the end of the fourth and on the fifth day, the skin begins to peel and on the sixth day, the remaining skin is removed by a therapist in a sterile environment. The peeling is safe and controlled and the skin is never raw. 


After cosmetic exfoliation, there is a brand new, glowing, smooth, fine textured skin complexion underneath resembling youthful skin. The new skin is sun sensitive and sunblock needs to be worn for a minimum of 2 months post peeling.


Day 1

Day 2


Day 3

Day 4


Day 5

Day 6- Skin has been removed

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