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Fire & Ice Facial

What is the Fire & Ice Facial? 

A PurseculptTM fire and ice facial tightens, lifts, and burns unwanted fat in your facial area. It’s left as a mask to give you ultimate results, manipulating volume and contouring your face! The combination of herbs, clays and oils in the facial is essential to fortify the skin and leave a lasting glow, and help calm inflammation to soothe and refresh your skin.

We combine this fire and ice facial with woodsculpting, a modality that firms the skin, activates the production of elastin and collagen, and improves blood circulation while toning the skin. This unique combination helps reduce a double chin, contour cheekbones, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tone the face. Each session is 10-15 minutes, and some clients say the changes are visible within the first visit!


Fire & Ice Facial
45 minutes
Best in a SERIES of 3-6 treatments, one week apart
Series 3 | $364

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