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Intimate area bleaching

Pricing $333 Includes 1 peel 1 set of products

after first peel $160 per peel

Areas we can do.

Anal Bleaching
Vaginal Bleaching 
Underarm Bleaching 

Inner Thighs Bleaching 

Back of Neck Bleaching

Elbow Bleaching

Knees Bleaching   

Nipples Bleaching 

Prices are per session and include a preconditioning treatment kit (including an at-home bleaching cream.) While great improvement is seen with one session, packages are available and is recommended. A series of 6-10 treatments is the standard recommendation.

Divided by 2 appointments. 1st appointment i will give you your pre treatment kit. You will use it for 4-6 weeks straight. Second appointment we will preform peel. 

You will need 6-10 peels for ultimate results.

The Miami Bleach Home Kit


(1) The Body Bleach 2 oz.
(1) The Wash 2 oz.
(1) The Calming Lotion 2 oz.

*This kits is to precondition the area in between treatments to ensure better results. You will need to pre treat for 4-6 weeks*

What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the skin around the anus. This is done to make the color of the anus more uniform with the surrounding area. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular. While it started in the adult entertainment industry, it soon spread to mainstream film stars in Hollywood, and now to all women around the world. When Brazilian waxing became mainstream, areas that were once covered by hair were exposed and noticeably darker than the rest of the body. It is totally normal for the area around the anus and vagina to be darker, but it is aesthetically unappealing. These spots can be successfully lightened with a combination of professional treatments and your compliance with home care recommendations. If you have a history of diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, herpes or genital warts, you may not be a candidate for bleaching. Keep in mind that hyper pigmentation is one of the toughest skin conditions to reverse, so packages of three to six treatments are highly recommended. We offer intimate area bleaching (anal bleaching & vaginal bleaching) as well as regular body bleaching for areas such as under arms. Now you can kiss your self-conscious fears goodbye!

What should I expect at my appointment?

At the initial consultation, you would purchase your peel or peel package and schedule the in-office peel for a date when you are not menstruating. In the weeks prior to your in-office peel, you will begin your preconditioning regimen with our Body Bleach for a period of time, depending on your Fitzpatrick skin type and ethnic origin. For the best results, all Fitzpatrick skin types should precondition the area to be treated. You will be instructed not to shave or wax in the three days before the peel, and not to suntan, get sunburned or otherwise irritate the area for a week before the peel. You will also be asked to clean the area with your provided gentle antibacterial cleanser before arriving to your appointment.

Once this is completed, you would come in for your peel appointment. You may arrive with without any underwear, and wearing a loose-fitting skirt or yoga style pants. The anal bleaching is performed in the comfort and privacy of a cozy spa room with a trained professional. You will first clean the area and change into disposable underwear. Your skincare professional will apply the peel with the assistance of a fan for your comfort. You can expect to feel a mild burning sensation, and will be given time to rest and heal before putting your loose-fitting clothing back on. Once you sit up, you should drink a bottle of water provided by your skincare professional.

What happens after my appointment?

You will be instructed not to rinse the area for at least six hours. It is also fine for you to go to sleep without underwear and wash the next day. You are not to have anal sex or swim for three days. You can expect the bleached area to peel 6-7 days after your in-office peel. It is important that you do not pick or pull at the flakes. Instead, you should use your Sedating Lotion (provided in your peel kit) to the bleached area 1-3 times per day. If there are no issues, then you may return in three weeks for a follow-up visit. In conjunction with your peel series, you may continue to use your Body Bleach on the bleached area until it reaches your desired shade.

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