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Angel Manifestation course

Do you believe in Angels?


This is an Angel course for Angel Believers that want to know how to connect with their Angels, develop a Daily practice of speaking to them and learning to pick up their signs.


Start your Awakening and diving deep with Angels. This is a 5 week course with Angel Coaching Call 1x a week for 1hr-30 -2hrs. We will be working together to get rid of limited beliefs. Beliefs that are holding you back from your Goals and the life you want to live.


We will be working side by side Healing, Growing and changing our words, as well as changing the way we think.


Week 1 Angels 101 signs & signals

  • 1-Clear any blockages you may have.

  • 2-Meeting your guardian Angel.

  • 3-How to start communicating with your Angels.

  • 4-Believing in yourself.

  • 5-Loving yourself and filling your cup.

Week 2

  • 1-View on life Positivity, realizing you're in control.

  • 2-Limited belief work shop.

  • 3- Inviting your Angels to help you bust these limited beliefs.

  • 4-Sound bowl meditation, clearing your mind body and soul.

  • 5-Attunement and Affirmations.


Week 3

  • 1-Freeing your mind body and soul. healing Reiki session.

  • 2-Freeing your limited beliefs.

  • 3-Fill your heart with a new positive mind set.

  • 4-Chakra reset and clearing.

Week 4

  • 1-Living your life with Intention.

  • 2-what do you want? If you don’t know already let's get crystal clear on your vision.

  • 3-Meditation on envisioning what you want.

  • 4-Telling your Angels what you want by using them to help you.

  • 5-Manifestation using your vision and Angels. Take action

Week 5

  • 1-Gratitude for how far you have come by celebrating you yourself!

  • 2-Gratitude journal.

  • 3-Manifestation touch up.

  • 4-limited beliefs check list.

  • 5-Question and Answers.

If you are ready to elevate and align yourself and work with your Angels this New Year, this course is for you.



If you want to join us for 1 week the investment is $111


Early Bird investment is $333 until (02-15-2021)

after this the investment will be $444

For 5 week course plus Facebook group support.



 Angel course plus private healing investment $555

  • All 5 classes plus Facebook group support.

  • 3 Angel card reading

  • 60min Angel healing session in person or zoom.

Angel V.I.P investment $777

  • All 5 classes plus Facebook group

  • 3 Angel card reading

  • 60 min Healing session in person or zoom.

  • 1 on 1 coaching each week to dive deep with your goals. that’s a total of 5 sessions with me privately Access to me through messenger to answer any questions or for guidance.

Angel investment
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